Saturday, November 28, 2009

Garbage picking miracle

We've been working really hard on our house lately, and with all the construction, we had gathered an awful lot of garbage.  We've been putting it out to the road a little at a time and making  a great dent in the pile of junk.  We had 2 things that the garbage man wouldn't take without us paying for it... a dryer and a water softener.  We put both items out by the road in hopes that some garbage picker/scrapper would pick them up.  The dryer disappeared within a day!  However, the water softener just sat...  and sat...  for 2 weeks.  I finally called the garbage company and asked them to pick it up despite the $45 charge they were going to add to my next bill. 

By some little miracle, someone decided to pick up a water softener that night.  I was able to call the garbage company and cancel the pickup, and save $45!  This Christmas season, that is no small miracle to me!

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