Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teaching Reverence

This past weekend, we were watching the Sunday afternoon session of conference. My three-year-old son looks up at me from his lunch and asks, "Mom? Can you turn off the church now?"

Trying to hold back a laugh, I explained why we were watching conference. Satisfied with my answer, he sat still for a little while longer, and I watched him as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang - followed by a very powerful talk - and my three-year-old sat with his arms folded, eyes locked and mouth gaping - as the song came to a conclusion.

Sometimes teaching something to a three-year-old feels sooo frustrating, but there were no more complaints through conference - and later in the day, he was even talking to me about things he had seen and heard.
I believe Heavenly Father is helping us - patiently - to work with our children. I am grateful for his guidance.

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