Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diapered blessings

I don't know most of y'all here, so just a little background, my husband lost his job in December we are living in our fourth home since then, we just opened a restaurant and I have four kids.

In order to save costs at the restaurant, I work a few days a week for free. And, something that doesn't really make sense, I pay a babysitter to watch my actually not really saving any money. But every once in awhile a dear friend will watch my kids. I feel guilty asking others to watch them for free because I am working but at the same time it has been since December that we have brought any money home, minus the two months I worked at the school.

So anyway, my friend offered to watch the kids, well I think I asked this time around but she has been willing to help out before. I dropped the kids off with some lunch, and big thanks, and she hands me a pack of diapers....which I so needed to buy but literally don't have any money to do so, and some laundry soap and dish soap, all things that I have run out of and she didn't know. My eyes welded up in tears as I said thanks, and ran out the door to work.

I truly felt blessed and knew that I was being watched out for in more ways than I had even known.....

Now to find a plumber to unstop the kitchen sink so I can finish washing the dishes....


  1. How wonderful to know that Somebody is looking out for you.

    By the way-if it's a problem with your disposal, it's an easy DIY fix. E-mail me or something and I'll give you details.

  2. Its amazing when friends are "in tune". It just hits home that the way the Lord is able to work here on earth is through others. What a blessing.

  3. katie the problem is we don't have a disposal and my kids throw all their fooded (i know not a word :)) plates in the sink......I pulled all the pipes off and cleaned them out and put it back together :)