Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things to be Happy About

I recently found a journal I started a while back. It is nothing but a list of simple things that make me happy. I think everyone should have one. Here are some of the items on my list:
#11 good hair days
#26 doggies in sweaters
#100 little children on answering machines
#145 surprises
#173 homemade quilts
#175 hearing my watch tick when I hold it up to my ear
#231 being called "kiddo" even though I'm over 30
#238 when my mom remembers who it was that said to tell me "Hi"
#241 how the tiniest people always produce the biggest burps
#246 accordians


  1. Love this post! That is quite a list! #246 Accordians, LOL! were you stretching by that point? I want to do this now!

  2. Cheryl, No, I really do love accordian music! On my mission a couple of our investigators played accordians, and they would always play for us. When I was the supervisor of a janitorial crew, I once had an employee who would sometimes come to work playing his accordian. I would say "Oh Blair is here.", because I could hear him coming from just about anywhere in the buildling. Did you know that at the restaraunt "Luigi's House" in Naperville there is a guy who comes and plays live accordian music on the weekends? He played and sang "Happy Birthday" to Ben on his accordian one year. Oh, I'm getting in a good mood just TALKING about accordians (even though apparently according to spell check I don't know how to spell them). Now I can go do the dishes with a smile.

  3. LOVE THAT LAURA! You are so cute! :)