Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Good Deed

I my little town, we have a local internet forum where everybody posts about the local going ons. Occasionally, it gets pretty snippy. The other day, there were tons of incidents involving helicopters in Anthem. An accident involving a sheriff's car on the freeway, a traffic stop involving a truck full of illegal immigrants, something going down at someone's house, and a near drowning at the community pool. A floundering 3 yo was pulled out by a 10 yo. People were quick to jump in about the parents not watching their kid at the pool, how could they let their kid drown, I saw this one mom. . .yada, yada. I posted about how easy it is for kids to get away from you, how drownings can happen so quickly, even when you are watching your kids around water, so every parent really needs to know CPR. I was nervous about jumping in and getting ripped on, but I did anyway. One guy ripped on me for my attitude and said I shouldn't let my kids near a pool or bath tub. (Kids don't really need to bathe, do they?) Here's the e-mail I received from the family:

"The little boy that this happened to is my son!! When the EMT arrived his airway was clear and he showed no signs of concern. He was taken to ER as a standard precaution to confirm that there was not water in his lungs! He was never at the bottom of the pool either. He reminds us everyday now of what happened and tells us how he was on his tiptoes and a little girl grabbed him by his arm and saved him!
He had gone to the pool with a friend of ours and when my wife arrived the situation was already taking place. It was not in fact due to my wife being a neglectful parent. And just for the record she is very attentive to our children (sometimes overly) and has first aide and CPR certification. Has been re certified every year since the birth of our 5 year old son!
Thank you for sticking up for a family that you don't even know and having positive comments on such a negative thread.
My wife is having a very hard time dealing with the situation and all of the false accusations are making it even harder. She calls me at work when you post something new and is very appreciative of your comments. We refuse to comment on the thread to avoid further bashing. You could if you don't mind state that he had no water in his lungs and is perfectly fine!!!

Our son is healthy and happy thanks to this one little girl. Thank you very much for your kind words, prayers and concerns. God bless you and your family."

Yay! I helped someone out. Sometimes I feel like such a screw-up, but today, I did one thing good.


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! Wow, what a scary thing for those parents... the last thing they need is bashing on top of it.

  2. Katie, That is great that you stood up for that mother. Isn't it crazy how some people seem to think it's okay to be rude online, and they say things they would never ever say to someone's face? It's like they forget that they are dealing with real people with real lives and emotions--almost like they even forget that THEY themselves are real while they are online, and that the things they say still count.

    The cool part though, is that in Today's world, when so many spend their time tearing down, those who choose to build people up have so much more impact. You could have said the same thing to that boy's mother in her living room, but it wouldn't have brought her near as much comfort as it did knowing that you risked personal ridicule and criticism to say it. Way to be a builder!

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  4. UPDATE: It turns out, the person involved was a friend of mine! I'm glad I spoke up!