Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mirror Miracle

I bought a new mirror last week that lets me see my daughter in her rear-facing infant seat while I'm driving. I'm so glad to finally have found a good one that doesn't fall off all the time, or make my baby look so tiny I can't tell how she's doing anyway. That in and of itself is a blessing in this mother's life, but this story is about my nine-month-old baby's miracle, not mine.

In order to make your baby look big enough for you to see her well, the mirror has a slightly convex shape, so the images are kind of distorted--a little like the silly mirrors you might find in a carnival fun house.

So last Friday Hallie and I were driving home from somewhere on a hot day. I glanced back at her and saw her typical "Oh, do we have to drive around in this hot car again?" expression. She does love mirrors though, and so pretty soon she was enjoying watching herself in her new mirror. But then she must have leaned forward to reach a toy or something, and I guess she noticed that the closer she got to the mirror the funnier her face looked, so she started leaning her head as far forward as her harness would let her, and making sort of goofy faces into the mirror. Then a huge grin would spread across her face and she would sink back into her car seat and just giggle for a few seconds before trying it again. She did this for the rest of the ride home.

This was Hallie's mirror miracle, and for me, it was a reminder, that with a little imagination even the simplest thing can transform an ordinarily hum-drum car ride, (or a boring task), into a zany adventure.

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  1. I love it when little things can entertain kids. :) Thanks for sharing!!