Friday, July 17, 2009

Some Good Little Advice

So maybe this is just dumb, but we're recognizing even the little miracles, right? So here goes. A while back we bought a gigantic container of dish soap at Costco, and the day we brought it home it got knocked off onto the floor and the flip top broke off. I wasn't looking forward to using this whole big bottle of dish soap with plastic wrap over it, so that stuff wouldn't fall in it, or it wouldn't get tipped over again and spill all over everything.

A few days later my mother-in-law came to visit and made a suggestion: "Every time you finish off something in the fridge, before you throw the container out, check to see if it's lid fits on the soap." (Simple as that is, it never occurred to me.) So now I think fondly of my mother-in-law every time I look under my kitchen sink and see the dish soap wearing the pickle relish lid (it's even a flip top!) Thanks, Mom!


  1. Every little blessing. :) Love that!

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